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Closing Docket Update #1

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Closing Docket Update #1

Postby ClosingDocket » 2016 04 24 Sun 05:57:20 AM UTC

Closing Docket has been in development for over 6 months. Closing Docket (CD), is a tool to help increase the speed and transparency of real estate closings, while decreasing the cost. As a part of my role as CEO, I’ve made a point to keep the team updated on how things are going across the company. However, for the users waiting to use CD, it’s been a bit of a black hole. In an effort to increase transparency and seek insight from those who keep us in business, I wanted to create a forum for open communication and updates. As a B2B company, it is not only important that a relationship of honesty is created between CD and its users; it’s absolutely vital.

[*] There are 3 pillars of Closing Docket:
[*] The Property Selector
[*] This allows users to select properties that they are associated with. You can become associated with a property by creating a closing, by being invited to one, or being on a team/company that has closings. From here, you can also view the progress of each closing – this is valuable to nearly everyone associated with the closing.
[*] The Workflow
[*] This is set of assignments required to close the property. These tasks are able to be created and assigned by whomever instantiates the closing. From the Workflow, assigned users with appropriate permissions can then view and modify the CDF from workflow elements preassigned with CFD fields. Moreover, relevant files and documents can be uploaded to the relevant workflow item, therefore being intuitively categorized and preserved.
[*] The CFD
[*] The primary source of verifying completion of the closing is the CFD. So, as it is being completed via workflow elements, users can view a version of the CFD that is appropriate for them to see (a seller will not see what the buyer can see, etc.). And, of course, once the CFD has been completed, it can be printed, saved, emailed, etc.
We are almost done with the “Parties” infrastructure. The glue that holds these three pillars together is the ability to assign, delegate, and distinguish between users and their associated permissions for a given closing. Therefore, getting this done right is paramount to the success of CD. From there, we only have to hook the CFD and the Workflow together to be ready to move to Alpha testing. From there, we will work with several settlement agents, realtors, and anyone who is willing to help make this product as helpful as possible, to refine the details and get all the bugs ironed out.

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